Introducing Xpolyglot

We’re excited to introduce Xpolyglot, the game-changer in app localization for Xcode projects. With the mission to make global app releases seamless and cost-effective, Xpolyglot stands out as an essential tool for developers looking to reach a wider audience.

Affordable Global Reach

Xpolyglot is offered at an unbeatable price of only $9.99, plus the costs associated with the OpenAI API. This pricing model is groundbreaking, often resulting in costs that are more than 99% cheaper than traditional human translation services. It’s not just an investment; it’s a one-time purchase that leverages your own OpenAI API key, ensuring continuous, cost-effective localization.

Seamless Xcode Integration

Xpolyglot seamlessly integrates with existing Xcode projects. It allows developers to export translations from Xcode, localize missing keys for all supported languages, and then import them back into the project. This process is not only efficient but also ensures that your app speaks to a global audience without the usual hassle or exorbitant costs.

App Store Connect Integration

Moreover, Xpolyglot integrates well with App Store Connect. It can translate update notes as well as the App Store description and keywords into all languages supported by your Xcode project. This feature is invaluable for developers aiming to optimize their app’s presence in different regional markets through the App Store.

Delta Localization

One of the standout features of Xpolyglot is its delta localization capability. The tool only localizes content that is missing or has changed in the base language. This means developers won’t have to re-translate entire files, saving both time and resources in the app development process.


Xpolyglot is more than just a localization tool; it’s a bridge to the global market. With its cost-effective pricing, seamless integration with Xcode and App Store Connect, and innovative delta localization feature, Xpolyglot is poised to become an indispensable asset for developers worldwide. Embrace the future of app localization with Xpolyglot, and let your app speak every language.

Visit Xpolyglot today to learn more and get started!